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Domain Registrations

Why should I register a domain with dotWeavers?

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by switching:

  • Real-time registration by ICANN recognized registrar
  • Most Flexible and Powerful Domain Control Panel
    1. Unlimited WHOIS contact info updates
    2. Domain lock facility to prevent unauthorized transfers, and unlocking at any time from control panel
    3. Change DNS/Name Servers at any time
    4. Setup Child Name servers
    5. AUTH-CODE is listed in your control panel itself, so that, if you want to transfer away the domain from us for any reason, you can do it at anytime without even contacting us. Beware that, many ISPs do not display this in your control panel and give you last minute troubles when you tell them that you want to transfer away from them
    6. Domain renewal notifications
  • FREE DNS services using d1.dotWeavers and d2.dotWeavers
  • Unlimited sub-domains setup
  • Many TLDs and country-level TLDs including .us, .in,,,,,,, .eu. at low prices
  • Free, 24/7 customer support
  • Customer service via online trouble-ticket system as well


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